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In order to be eligible for our subsidized program an applicant must have children,  with the exception of seniors.


Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

- Be working full or part time

- Be enrolled in a schooling program, 2 year minimum

- Be a senior on a fixed income or needing medical care

Our subsidized units have a rental base rate of 25% of the total gross monthly household income - that is, all income  coming into the home from any source. With the current  rent rates in Prince Albert, we continue to have a long waiting list for these homes. 


Our market rents are still well below the average rental rate for comparable houses within the City. 


These units are a good stepping stone for tenants transitioning from subsidized to purchasing their own home.


The wait list for these units tends to be much smaller than the subsidized side of our portfolio.

It always bears noting that as our program is geared for families who are working or attending school. Only 10% of our housing is for those on Social Assistance in any manner.
As a result anyone applying receiving standard shelter rates become the lowest of priority as the quota is generally met by current tenants who have a change in circumstance. 
In the case of either City or Band Assistance, the maximum allowable is based upon shelter rates determined by family size which is set out by the province annually.  
Disability Assistance is not included in the 10% figure.

Our Nipawin Housing units are up and running with  applications for these houses being accepted on an ongoing basis.


Please call the office for more info!

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